About us

JS2 Ltd. started its activity in Bulgaria since 2008 in Sofia. JS2 is active on the Bulgarian market as a contractor and subcontractor mainly for residential buildings as well as for commercial, commercial and business buildings as well as for the construction of industrial ones. JS2 Ltd. strives to provide the customer with a better product that meets European and Bulgarian standards and good practices, according to local regulations and norms. Priority of JS2EOD is the design and construction of single-family and multifamily residential buildings, warehouses for the food industry and light industry, commercial and office buildings. The main purpose in the implementation of each site is quality and timely execution. JS2 EOOD works with the continuous monitoring of the engineering team for the progress of the sites, their quality performance and, last but not least, the observance of the procedures for safe working conditions. It is also not important that the results of the company's work in Bulgaria are reflected not only here but also in Europe. This fact is an additional motivation for the team of JS2 Ltd. to continue to develop and achieve high results on the construction market in Bulgaria.